CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School
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  • The Vadanta International School is the best School in this area. This school provides a holistic education in an inspiring learning environment that maximizes the potential of each individual to become a responsible global citizen. Experienced teachers and great environment are the keys to the success of this school.

    Ram Niwas Yadav
    Ram Niwas Yadav IAS Officer - Jharkhand
  • I could not resist myself to write my wonderful experience of this school. We are so happy to watch our son grooming and coming out as not only a good sports person, but also bright in academics as well.

    Aniish Johari
    Aniish Johari Deputy General Manager- KS MOTORS (F/o Sambhav Johari )
  • Vadanta International School is a school,which has widest spread area in terms of dimensions in near vicinity of kalwad road. Its enormous spaced play area for physical activity is largest, which is in true sense a real school

    Mr. Neeraj Bhamu
    Mr. Neeraj Bhamu Chief Judicial Magistrate
  • Great natural environment, co operative & motivated staff. Inspires children to become good human beings.

    Mr, Dablu Pareek
    Mr, Dablu Pareek Manager (F/O Avi Pareek)
  • I appreciate the clean & green environment of the school. The discipline standard of the school is very high. The students are giving their full attention towards the studies and the teachers are also supporting them. We like the cultural activities which are held in the school.

    Mr. Amit Pande
    Mr. Amit Pande Businessman