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About Us

The Vadanta School was founded in 2011 as a Co-educational, school by Mr Naresh Yadav, a leading social activist, The school aims to ensure that its students achieve their highest academic and personal potential. It also aims to give them a firm foundation based upon an understanding of Indian culture, society and ideas. However, the school aims to use that base to build more globally aware citizens prepared for the rigours of the 21st century.

Vadanta School is designed in such a manner that allows, each and every student to participate in the widest possible variety of activities. This ensures that each student can find and develop his own individual talents. In the end, our aim is to create an all-rounder student, who would be capable of achieving his highest academic potential as well as shaping of his personality as a confident & ingenious student.

Our Facilities

A.C. Classrooms

Comfort in Learning, Excellence in Every Breeze: Where Cool Minds Thrive.

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

Seamless Connectivity, Endless Possibilities: A Campus Wired for Success.

Science Lab

Uncover, Explore, Excel: Nurturing Inquisitive Minds in the Realm of Science.

Computer Lab

Coding Success, Designing Futures: A Digital Canvas for Creative Minds.

Badminton Court

Serve, Smash, Soar: Championing Victory on the Courts of Determination.

Smart Class Room

Beyond Books, Beyond Limits: Where Brilliance Meets Innovation.

Cricket Field

Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Glory: Where Cricketing Dreams Take Root.

Music Class Room

Harmony in Learning, Symphony in Every Note: Cultivating Artistry in Education.

What Our Parents Say

An outstanding school that goes above and beyond! The dynamic teaching methods, coupled with a rich variety of activities, make learning here engaging and impactful. The supportive staff and collaborative atmosphere create a positive space for students to excel. Our family is consistently impressed with the school’s commitment to innovation and the well-rounded development of every child. A top-notch educational choice!”

Rajat Sharma

“This institution surpasses expectations with its holistic approach! The dedicated teachers go the extra mile, creating a stimulating academic atmosphere. The diverse extracurricular options ensure a balanced education, promoting both intellectual and personal growth. The school’s forward-thinking initiatives, coupled with a supportive community, make it a standout choice. Our family is grateful for the positive impact on our child’s education and development. Choosing this school has been an investment in a future filled with knowledge, skills, and a strong sense of community.”

Syal Rajesh

This school exceeds expectations on every front! The dedicated educators employ innovative teaching strategies, ensuring a stimulating academic environment. The plethora of extracurricular options enables students to explore diverse interests. The inclusive community fosters friendships and a sense of belonging. We’re grateful for the school’s holistic approach to education, shaping not just students but future leaders. Enrolling our child here was one of our best decisions!”

Priya Aarya (Prince)

“This school is a gem in the realm of education! The teachers’ unwavering support and innovative teaching methods have ignited a genuine love for learning in my child. The extensive range of extracurricular activities promotes a well-rounded development, and the emphasis on character building is commendable. The school’s commitment to academic excellence and fostering a sense of community sets it apart. Choosing this institution for our child has proven to be a decision we’re consistently grateful for.”

Lakshay Kaushik

It is a one of the best school in jaipur which i found for my son. I am very much satisfied with academic, sports, co curriculum activities and management. Vadanta hostel facilities are also commendable. sports academy’s are too good. I would like to recommend Vadanta international school to those parents, who are searching best school for their kids.

Lakshmi Rekha

I chose Vadanta International School for its holistic approach to education, and the school has exceeded my expectations. The focus on character building, ethics, and values is integrated seamlessly with academics. The teachers are not just educators but mentors who guide students toward a brighter future. The wide range of extracurricular activities, from sports to arts, fosters well-rounded growth. Vadanta International School is more than a school; it’s a place where potential becomes reali

Akshita bansal

Choosing Vadanta International School for my child was the best decision I made. The school’s holistic approach to education has nurtured my child’s overall development. The sense of community, values, and the opportunities for leadership growth make Vadanta International School a unique institution. The dedication of the teaching staff, along with the advanced facilities, assures me that my child is getting the best education possible.
I Suggest this school for best education


Vinod gangwal

My child’s journey at Vadanta International School has been an enriching experience. The holistic approach to education, the dedication of the teachers, and the focus on nurturing values and ethics have made a significant impact. The school’s infrastructure, library, and sports facilities provide a well-rounded platform for learning. Vadanta International School has played a crucial role in shaping my child’s future.


Toshu Sahu

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Vadanta School